6: Glossary of Terms

Beneficiary A person who will receive part of the estate as part of the Will.
Chattels Legal term for personnel possessions.
Codicil A document that amends, rather than replaces, an existing will. A codicil requires the same attestation clause as a Will.
Intestacy To not have a Will
Intestate To die without a Will
Mirror Will Two separate, identical wills. Often used by spouses to leave their estate to each other or their children if they are predeceased.
Mutual Will Two Wills which can not be changed without both parties agreement. If one party dies the surviving party can no longer change the Will.
Executor Nominated by the testator, to carry out the directions of the Will and disbursement of property to the beneficiaries of the Will.
Testator Somebody who has made a Will. In the context of a Will it refers to the maker.
Testatrix Sometimes referred to as a female testator
Testate To die with a Will
Testacy To have a Will
Probate The legal process of settling the estate of a deceased person. Especially relating to contested Wills or when a person dies intestate.
Witness Someone who witnesses the signing of the Will. A witness can not be a beneficiary.
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