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We offer a range of software consultancy services, primarily web application and database design, both in the UK and internationally. From simple web sites giving a company their first web presence to terabyte database design, our projects range from the simple to the very complex. With the solutions we offer reflecting the scope of the requirements.

We are so enthusiastic about the quality of our software and that it should meet the requirements you expect, that we analyse your business requirements carefully and discuss plans at each stage, before producing a robust, intuitive and well designed solution. A solution that not only fits today's requirements but has the future in mind wherever possible.

If you're considering undertaking a software project of any size and wish to discuss any aspects of the development, then please contact us, using the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of this page, with your details. We will be only too happy to discuss these with you and the ways in which we can proceed.

Our Website Studio offers cost effective projects for small companies, creating either bespoke websites or customising one of our pre-designed templates.

Web Design Studio

Our Website Studio offers cost effective projects for small companies, creating either bespoke websites or customising one of our pre-designed templates.

A selection from our portfolio, including examples of our pre-designed templates in use and fully graduated professional designs.
The following websites open a new page:

Your Last Will

"Your Last Will" is a guide to creating a Will in England and an example of our basic template design. The fixed width centred design allows the site to be viewed as intended, by users with lower resolution monitors, as well as those with higher resolution displays. This allows the content to be accessable to the widest possible audience, a principle that can be seen in many public access websites. This template can be deployed using server side scripts to manage larger content, or as static pages if required.

Click here to open the "Your Last Will" template example

Destination Fun

"Destination Fun" is a index for family days out in the UK. It expands our basic fixed width centred template with some funky effects. The site uses PHP server side scripting to allow the operator to manage the content easily. The data is maintained with a simple spreadsheet and uploaded to the website at the press of a button. The updated data appears instantly, with no change to any of the site itself, removing the need for an administrator to have any technical knowledge.

Click here to open Destination Fun

Sudoku Challenge

Our "Sudoku Challenge" example uses a variation of our basic fixed width centred design. Again to be compatible with the most resolutions and therefore visitors. This site offers examples of mouse controls and server calls, which can be adapted for a variety of implementions.

Click here to take the Sudoku Challenge

Project HunBug

Project HunBug is an example of our article viewer template. This is a full width design to make the most use of the screen, regardless of resolution. The articles are stored on the server and delivered through the viewer pages by server side scripts. This is a working example as it is also an ongoing project to publish articles on issues that have been encountered, not only by our consultants but visitors too. As any software developer knows, the supplied documentation is not always as helpful as you want. Our articles are written by experts who have experienced and solved problems are excellent supplements to the any documentation. These articles are free to use and feedback on how the article helped (or not) will be passed back to the author.

Click here to open the Project HunBug main menu.